Heres the scoop!

2012-04-10 16:16:36 by DJ-VIZ

So people, if any still ever randomly stops by this page here is the low down of my current life:

I am finishing up my freshman year at the University of Miami, school is amazing and producing/djing is going great...I am really trying to hit that professional level, mixing/mastering overtime has proved to be the most important thing to getting the right sound in production...I think I am there and continuing to improve each track...If you liked my old stuff, the stuff soon to come will blow you away ... hopefully :) so stay tuned! like my page/soundcloud whatever you want! share it with your friends if you feel like being a good person or just hate on me its all good too...see ya at the top!

Also, make sure to follow me @ my soundcloud and facebook as it will be much easier to get the latest updates!

Im on youtube now

2009-08-05 11:54:30 by DJ-VIZ

Check out my channel - djvizproductions

I put up all different styles and songs that aren't on newgrounds so check them out

it will be out sometime this week, i wanna get it in for the weekly votes. I've been number one on top before and if this doesn't come close i dont know what will...stay tuned

2009-01-04 18:04:32 by DJ-VIZ

I'll be sumbitting some new primarily house stuff to ngs. keep in touch

New song! and More

2008-09-29 14:36:57 by DJ-VIZ

New song here -!
Raver's Fantasy [ViZ Mix] Out Now!

---- Thanks to everyone for the #1 Spot, you guys are the best

Also New song in the making if you want to check it out here it is NEW SONG tell me what you think before i sumbit iz -- NEW HOUSE TRACK _ (Might not go on NGs - if I sell my music this will be the first!)

---- EDIT ----

I will now start selling my music -- I know you guys probably don't like that... but don't worry I'll still be uploading stuff here...My music sold will mostly be electronic/house (my favorite genre) and trance... Let me know what you think... for those who want to check up on the new music -- --- music will be posted shortly, just sorting out my PAYPAL etc

EDIT --- Vocalist Needed -----

1. If anyone could just record their voice in a somewhat cool/fitting way and say "dj-viz" and can send it to me that'd be awesome ( I can add the effects )... this is just for the purpose of putting the vocal in the beginning of the song (mics broken) ...

2. Vocalists for actual songs are nearly impossible to get offline... but if anyone can sing and wants to try a collab you can always hit me up with a pm

Songs and other...

2008-07-11 15:00:01 by DJ-VIZ

Got a crazy song coming (trance of course) -- I'll try to finish it up for this week, but I have no promises...I leave Sunday for Minnesota (sorry for anyone who lives there ...not where I want to be at all...) Ill be there for a week for the U.S.A. Soccer Cup which my MAPS team has entered in. Anyway just look for that song...and thanks for to all my fans for everything and enjoy the new songs -- i got a lot more up in the past couple days!

If you would like to hear the new song (for what I have of it) -- you can listen here (remove spaces)
...if you listen and want to review leave me one right here on my post!


2008-03-30 15:19:52 by DJ-VIZ

Newww songs are on the way....

I have a very nice trance song, probably my best in the making... and I have a dance song too, the preview is up for it - far away -


2007-11-21 17:25:56 by DJ-VIZ

yeah, im deleting all of my songs, and uploading my newest ones....They are much much better :]


I am really frusterated i have a sick dance song being made and i need a dance synth (hardcore) for the main melody and i cant find a good sound through changing filters around in fl studio (because from what i know there is no hardcore synth) -- any ideas on what instrument to mess around with the filters or any site that has a sample?