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Hmm - Need Hardcore Dance Synth>? Any ideas?

2007-08-19 13:36:49 by DJ-VIZ

I am really frusterated i have a sick dance song being made and i need a dance synth (hardcore) for the main melody and i cant find a good sound through changing filters around in fl studio (because from what i know there is no hardcore synth) -- any ideas on what instrument to mess around with the filters or any site that has a sample?


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2007-08-19 14:46:28

Tip. Try to stay away from getting your samples from other websites though it is the easy way to get sounds. Making your own is more rewarding. Not sure what synth you want. Are you using it as a bass line or a lead high pitch instrument? Anyway for the bass use a filter cut to take all high frequencies (eg. 500hz or higher) and the ultra low ones (less than 300 hz). Using a eq raise the volume of fequencies around the 320 hz mark. I find really low frequencies will blow up your speakers so stay away from amplifying frequencies as low as 100 hz. For a lead high instrument try to put a rotor plugin (causes a minor form of panning from speaker to speaker). Add some delay (my fav 8th note delay). For the eq amplify the higher frequencies and drop the lower frequencies alot to get the energy feel. Don't underestimate classical horns. They make amazing high energy sounds if modulated right. You will see what I mean in my rider series coming soon. Bye for now

DJ-VIZ responds:

where have you been! thanks for the info Im deffinitly going to use your ideas right now! Im sure they'll work..


2007-10-15 13:49:57

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