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2008-07-11 15:00:01 by DJ-VIZ

Got a crazy song coming (trance of course) -- I'll try to finish it up for this week, but I have no promises...I leave Sunday for Minnesota (sorry for anyone who lives there ...not where I want to be at all...) Ill be there for a week for the U.S.A. Soccer Cup which my MAPS team has entered in. Anyway just look for that song...and thanks for to all my fans for everything and enjoy the new songs -- i got a lot more up in the past couple days!

If you would like to hear the new song (for what I have of it) -- you can listen here (remove spaces)
...if you listen and want to review leave me one right here on my post!


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2008-09-08 20:14:47

uhhhhh i really want to work on that kissed a girl song. plz say yes and let me help you!!!

DJ-VIZ responds:

Mk im debating...I first need to know if you have any of the following vstis --- nexus, z3ta+ , hypersonic? And Get aim if you wanna talk.


2008-09-28 12:52:34

Hey VIZ, you've gotten a bit more popular, just dropped in to say that I told you you'd get more popular ^.^.

Talk to you later! I'll be waiting for that new one,

DJ-VIZ responds:

I guess you were right :P thanks for all those reviews and votes, keep in touch !


2008-09-28 16:14:06

Hey man, just wanted to say gz on the top 1! Nice =D And then dude, check my version out! =D You told me to PM you and i did, anywhos yeye check it! Cu later man ^_^

DJ-VIZ responds:

Sorry I havent had time! Ive gotten literally 95 pms in the past 3 days lol, ill get it to it don't worry!