New song! and More

2008-09-29 14:36:57 by DJ-VIZ

New song here -!
Raver's Fantasy [ViZ Mix] Out Now!

---- Thanks to everyone for the #1 Spot, you guys are the best

Also New song in the making if you want to check it out here it is NEW SONG tell me what you think before i sumbit iz -- NEW HOUSE TRACK _ (Might not go on NGs - if I sell my music this will be the first!)

---- EDIT ----

I will now start selling my music -- I know you guys probably don't like that... but don't worry I'll still be uploading stuff here...My music sold will mostly be electronic/house (my favorite genre) and trance... Let me know what you think... for those who want to check up on the new music -- --- music will be posted shortly, just sorting out my PAYPAL etc

EDIT --- Vocalist Needed -----

1. If anyone could just record their voice in a somewhat cool/fitting way and say "dj-viz" and can send it to me that'd be awesome ( I can add the effects )... this is just for the purpose of putting the vocal in the beginning of the song (mics broken) ...

2. Vocalists for actual songs are nearly impossible to get offline... but if anyone can sing and wants to try a collab you can always hit me up with a pm


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2008-10-04 21:46:43

Congrats on the #1 Spot!

DJ-VIZ responds:



2008-10-09 04:18:37

You totally deserve to be number one with that song. Can't wait for more.

DJ-VIZ responds:

Thanks man, I have alot of projects right now...something should be coming soon


2008-10-09 18:15:27

you should make rave heaven with more lyrics like a song.

DJ-VIZ responds:

Ill keep that in mind


2008-10-18 12:25:38

"you should make rave heaven with more lyrics like a song"

Songs don't need lyrics to be a song

I feel like punching people like you. That and people who call anything Hardcore, Electronic, Trance or otherwise as "Techno"

Anyway, you got some nice stuff Viz, keep it up

DJ-VIZ responds:

haha, thanks man