Entry #9

Heres the scoop!

2012-04-10 16:16:36 by DJ-VIZ

So people, if any still ever randomly stops by this page here is the low down of my current life:

I am finishing up my freshman year at the University of Miami, school is amazing and producing/djing is going great...I am really trying to hit that professional level, mixing/mastering overtime has proved to be the most important thing to getting the right sound in production...I think I am there and continuing to improve each track...If you liked my old stuff, the stuff soon to come will blow you away ... hopefully :) so stay tuned! like my page/soundcloud whatever you want! share it with your friends if you feel like being a good person or just hate on me its all good too...see ya at the top!

Also, make sure to follow me @ my soundcloud and facebook as it will be much easier to get the latest updates!




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2013-01-25 00:12:17

Hi Dj viz,

Well best of luck trying to be a successful dj and of course your schooling.

Bye for now